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28 07, 2017

Donna & John celebrating their 10 years anniversary


Donna contacted me a few months ago about surprising her husband with a portrait session. They were married 10 years ago on Mokapu beach. Donna really liked Polo beach and it was a spectacular evening for a Maui sunset portrait session.

28 12, 2015

Family Portrait at the Four Seasons


This past week I had the opportunity to photograph a family of 5 with a 7 month baby girl named Mayah, her 2 year old brother named Shehzad, and his big sister Leilah age 4. We started off in the garden area and both children went off in opposite directions, so with my experience I find I have to have a plan A, B, C, D and so on in order to pull off a successful family portrait. We started with baby Mayah and her mom and then gradually pulled in the other kids one at a time. I try to keep things going at good pace and take a lot of photos so that the kids are having fun. Once we get to the beach things tend to get a little more on the wild side so I try to make sure I captured some great photos in the garden before the beach. As you can see it all works out, some pouting but overall fun for all.

23 09, 2015

Benevento Family Portrait


The Benevento family was spending the last week of summer together as both of their girls are living on their own, one on each coast, they thought it would be nice to get some photos of the four of them together and some of just the girls.
Thinking it would be easy to do while in Maui; they would all be relaxed and not on a schedule. They didn’t even need to leave the hotel or put on shoes. Funny thing is the day before I was on the beach getting ready to meet another family for photos and they walked by looking like they needed some directions and we chatted and they did not realize I was their photographer for the next nights portraits.

13 06, 2015

The Hogans at the Four Seasons


The Hogan family stayed at the Four Seasons Maui during spring break. It was a beautiful night for a beach family portrait along with senior photos for their daughter. We started near the ballroom and worked are way down to the lush tropical garden. We then went down to the beach and using some of the natural lava and drift wood for backdrops and posing tools. The sunset was perfect and we finished with their youngest daughter who is a gymnast doing some jumps. A beautiful night for Maui family portrait photography.